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Home Care is available
24 hours per day,
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Medicaid Personal Care Home Care
Medicaid Pays
Up to 100%
Silver Lining works with various federal, state, Department of Health, and other programs to ensure that everyone who needs home care can afford home care.

Silver Lining Senior Care
410 Cleveland Street
Forrest City, AR 72335
Office: 870-630-8180
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Silver Lining Senior Care

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As a leading provider in a rapidly growing service area (home care for seniors), Silver Lining is constantly on the lookout for team members with the right credentials and the right gift for caring. If you would like to join a team of truly caring professionals, please fill out our pre-application below. We will review it and let you know if we have an opportunity right away. If not, we will keep your information on file and review your information the next time there is an opening. Please feel free to re-apply periodically and if you see us advertising a position.


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